Welcome to the IRL Lab

The Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab) was started in 2013 at Washington State University and moved to the University of Alberta in 2020. We focus on fundamental reinforcement learning research and applying artificial intelligence to real-world settings in both simulated and physical environments.


July 05, 2021

Listen to Matt Taylor in discussion with Edmonton AM’s Mark Connolly and Tara McCarthy on CBC radio. Listen Here

May 13, 2021

Matt announced as AAMAS–22 General Co-Chair & we won a best paper award (Blue Sky track) at AAMAS-21. Announcement

April 21, 2021

Matt’s article published in Harvard Business Review Why AI That Teaches Itself to Achieve a Goal Is the Next Big Thing

April 12, 2021

Yunshu Du Successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled “Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning: How an Agent Can Leverage Knowledge From Another Agent, A Human, or Itself”

Yunshu’s paper of Lucid Dreaming for Experience Replay has just been accepted to Neural Computing Applications. Link

August 28, 2020

We are happy to annonce that NSERC has funded out Alliance proposal entitled “Human-AI interactions in real-world complex uncertain environments using a comprehensive reinforcement learning framework!”. This work is in collaboration with Matthew Guzdial, AI Redefined, Thales Canada, and JACOBB.