Matthew E. Taylor Director, Associate Professor

My current fundamental and applied research interests are in reinforcement learning, human-in-the-loop AI, multi-agent systems, and robotics.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Srijita Das Postdoctoral Fellow

My current research focus is on how to make RL agents learn effectively using knowledge leveraged from humans or other agents. I am interested in various kinds of advice modalities from humans with varying degrees of expertise and want to build systems that can seamlessly integrate such knowledge into a decision making framework. I am also interested in data efficient learning paradigms like active learning and cost-sensitive learning.

Mohammad Afshari Postdoctoral Fellow

I am broadly interested in the theory and applications of Reinforcement Learning in Multi-agent systems (e.g. game and team theory). Specifically, I am working on safety, scalability, convergence and robustness of algorithms in Multi-agent Reinforcement learning.

Graduate Students

Su Zhang PhD Student, WSU

Fatemeh Abdollahi MSc Student Cosupervised with Levi Lelis

Curious about the relation between AI and human intelligence. Interested in applying Reinforcement learning to human-intelligence tasks, especially language learning and understanding.

Sahir Noor Ali MSc Student

I believe that I am in a continuous and life long process of learning which drives my passion for trying out new technologies and learning new skills. My interest areas include Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

Hager Radi MSc Student

My research interests are representation learning, reinforcement learning and machine learning with a focus on building general-purpose AI agents. My previous research experience in computer vision and deep learning.

Amirmohsen Sattarifard MSc Student Cosupervised with James Wright

Rohan Nuttall MSc Student

Shiva Soleimany MSc Student

I have past experience in Computer Vision, Robotics, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing. Currently, my main interest is in the field of Reinforcement Learning

Amath Sow MSc Student, AMMI

I have a background in electronic and telecommunication with 3 years experience working as a radio engineer. I'm in the AMMI (African Master in Machine Intelligence) and am interested in Reinforcement Learning, autonomous navigation and multiagent systems.

Calarina Muslimani MSc Student

Interested in the intersection between AI and psychology and how to apply human learning methods to AI agents. My research interests includes reinforcement learning and deep learning.

Manan Tomar PhD student

Md Saiful Islam MSc Student

My research interests are an intersection between human and AI, how human can help agents to improve, or agents can help human to learn. I am interested in Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep learning.

Abilmansur Zhumabekov MSc Student

Interest in applying RL to real-world problems.


Nick Nissen CS Major, UofA

Team Lead for Undergrad Cohort, lead developer of HIPPO Gym, and team member for Thunderblade project.

Nhan Nguyen CS Major, UofA

Currently working on the SoundHunters to personalize learning of Cree Sounds with User Modelling and Machine Learning.

Payas Singh CS Major, UofA

Currently working as the front end developer for HIPPO Gym

Nadeen Mohamed CS Major, UofA

Currently working on the Human-AI interaction system for latent fingerprint

Dikshant Shehmar Research Intern Student, IITB

Currently working on implementing Hammer algorithm in SMARTS multi agent scenario.


Brittany Davis MS, WSU After Graduation: Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Thesis: The Impact of Different Summaries as Reinforcement Learning Explanations on Human Performance And Perception,

YunShu Du PhD, WSU After Graduation: Research Scientist at Sony AI

Thesis: Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning: How an Agent Can Leverage Knowledge From Another Agent, A Human, or Itself, Spring 2021

Zhaodong Wang PhD, WSU After Graduation: AI Researcher at

Thesis: Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning: How Agents Should Benefit from Prior Knowledge, Fall 2019

Yang Hu PhD, WSU After Graduation: Postdoc at WSU

Thesis: Teaching Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Spring 2019

Bei Peng PhD, WSU After Graduation: Postdoc at Oxford

Thesis: Learning from Human Teachers — Supporting How People Want to Teach in Interactive Machine Learning, Summer 2018

Chris Cain PhD, WSU After Graduation: Assistant Professor at Rocky Mountain College

Thesis: TINGLE — Topic-Independent Gamification Learning Environment, Summer 2018

Yusen Zhan PhD, WSU After Graduation: Advanced Algorithmic Engineer at Alibaba Group

Thesis: Policy Advice, Non-convex and Distributed Optimization in Reinforcement Learning, Fall 2016

Ryan D'Orazio MS, UAlberta Cosupervised with James Wright After Graduation: PhD student at Mila

Thesis: Regret Minimization with Function Approximation in Extensive-Form Games, Summer 2020

Paniz Behboudian MSc, UAlberta Cosupervised with Michael Bowling, Yash Satsangi After Graduation: AI Researcher at Huawei

Thesis: Useful Policy Invariant Shaping from Arbitrary Advice, Winter 2020

Gabriel V. de la Cruz Jr. MS, WSU After Graduation: Assistant Professor at North Idaho College

Thesis: Accelerate the Learning Speed of Deep Reinforcement Learning by Pre- training with Non-Expert Human Demonstrations, Spring 2019

Shivam Goel MS, WSU After Graduation: PhD student at Tufts

Thesis: Engineering a Smart Scarecrow: Bird Deterrence with Drones, Spring 2017

Viresh Duvvuri MS, WSU After Graduation: Robotics Engineer at York Exponential

Thesis: Development of the Baton: A Novel Precision Delivery Drone, Summer 2017

A. Leah Zulas MS, WSU (after completing her PhD in Psychology) After Graduation: Data Analyst at 2nd Watch

Thesis: Modifying Smart Home to Smart Phone Notifications using Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, Spring 2017

Active Collaborators

Mark Crowley Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

Sarit Kraus Professor, Bar-Ilan University

Levi Lelis Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Pascal Poupart Professor, University of Waterloo

Sriram Ganapathi Subramanian PhD Student, University of Waterloo

Peter Stone Professor, University of Texas at Austin

James R. Wright Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Matthew Guzdial Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Garrett Warnell Researcher Scientist, Army Research Laboratory